How the dodgy shops repair your iPhone 6 plus touch problem, DODGY!

As usual, today, I repaired a touch IC problem on iPhone 6 plus and sent off the phone to the customer, she is very happy with it and talked a little bit about the history of repairs.

The phone has classic flickering grey bar on top and screen won’t respond to touch.

As we know, it is a design problem and is the touch ic faulty. Just replace the chip, easy, right?

So the lady first went to a shop, problem got fix within a day, and worked… for a day. Got charged $300 for the repair as it was “logic board repair”

She was so sad to see the phone only worked for one day and thought it would not fixable any more since a shop has already “fixed” it.

Anyway, she come to me because I promised her this problem will be fixed and will have 3 months warranty on the fix. No fix no fee.

I got the phone, opened it up, saw some rubber thick tape underneath the screen connector shield, then pulled logic board out, saw the same tape on the other side of the board. I was confused, pulled out the tapes anyway since they are not “standard equipment”.


Until the lady told me there was a repair on the touch ic, which worked for one day, then I released the tapes were there just to press down the touch IC to make good contact with logic board, whic made it worked, for one day.


Seriously, if a shop knows the problem, and doesn’t know how to fix it, why would they take the repair job in the first place? If they can’t fix it, why would they charge the customer anyway? $300 for two pieces of tapes? Seriously?? I charged $150 for this perticualr repair along with $170 for 128GB memory upgrade, total of $320. Which fixed the problem totally and upgraded the phone from 16GB to 128GB, the phone is good to be used for the next few years.