What happens if you send your phone to someone who claims can do motherboard repairs?

I usually don’t repair iPhones if it has already been repaired by somebody else. Why?

I received this iPhone 4s 32GB for no sound problem, i.e. no loud speaker, no ear speaker, no vibrator, nothing.

783147114took motherboard out








1329692331 1648966864 63285284

And test grouding resistance, suggests there is a broken connection.

Well, you guessed it, audio IC, iPhone repairs are easy, right?

953452473Now, here is the intresting part, shield has be CUT by the privouse shop, well, how did you know it was the previouse shop? Notice the oily looking flux around the chip? They didn’t clean it. This also suggested they did some “motherboard repair” around this area.

Lets take the chip off and have a look.


Missing pads, previouse shop certainly don’t know how to remove IC’s from iPhone board, they didn’t even waited solder to melt and just removed chip by force, well, that’s what happens.


A closer look. see the missing pads in the middle, and around the edges.


There are 6/7 useful pads are missing, this board is not repairable as some of them are directly goes to CPU, there is no chance to use micro jumper on these.


So next time, when your iphone is broken, it is not the end of world. But when you send it to someone who don’t know what they are doing, it IS.


You can contact me for your iPhone motherboard repairs.

Email: sales@hileu.com

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