iPhone 6s Plus backlight issue

It came from one of our business parteners, top left of the backlight is gone.

Lets take out of the logic board and start repairing, or, no?

Every repair case is solving a puzzle, it is good idea to get a full picture of how did this problem happen, what caused it, it will speed up repairing process and also can make sure the underlaying problem gets fixed.

Lets check out the case.

Two dents. one to is under the battery and one is beside battery.Now it actually has two problems.

  1. The dent under battery indicates the battery is damaged, although it may still functions as a normal battery but it is a safety risk continue using this battery, you don’t want to use a rechargeable battery with a hole in it, do you?
  2. The dent besides battery may damaged logic board, and may be the reason for this half backlight fault.


This diode is the impact point of the dent, responsible for backlight.

Remove the diode, we noticed shards of the diode on the pad, the other pad is damaged, broken trace.

Well, that is an easy fix once the underlaying problem has been found.

Problem solved.


Logic board repair, or any professional work, can be only considered as professional if taken all points into consideration.

In this case, of course this can be fixed by just checking out logic board, doing fancy measurements etc.

However, would the repairer suggest this is also due for a battery replacement?

Who would be responsible if the battery exploded and hurt someone?