iPhone 6 water damaged data recovery, You should read this one.

Oh this is my favourite! It is my favourite in a sense that this came from one of our commercial partener that understands the consequenses of water damaged phones, they want the data recovery from this device, only.

Why this is important?

Well in New Zealand, there are so many shops would do water damage “repairs” rather than water damage data recoveries. As we all know, water damaged repairs can be very complicated and will NOT last for phones (laptops are fine, we will talk about this later).

So does New Zealand have the most advanced micro soldering equipments in the world?

No we don’t.

Does New Zealand have the most skilled micro soldering specialists in the world?

I don’t consider myself is the one, so maybe not.

Now, the point is, the shops take the repairs, because they want the money, simple as that.

But hey, some of them even provide warranty on repaired water damaged phones, or even a full refund, so no lose here for the customer, right?

Sure, no matter the warranty is 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, you sure can get your money back.

So what is the problem here?

Your data. Your priceless data. Your pictures about your child, from new born to 5 years old, or critical evidence could be used in the court to retrieve millions of dollars, that is not backed up somewhere else, only stored on a repaired water damaged phones.

Water damaged phones, will NOT last, ether its repaired, or not, no matter how professional the shop is, well, in fact, the real professional shops will only do data recovery for these phones, like myself, like Rossmann Group, like the shop that sent me this data recovery job.

Louis Rossmann did another very good explanation on water damaged data recovery, see this link  https://www.rossmanngroup.com/iphone-repair-nyc/

In order to recover data from iPhone, the device has to be able to turn on, and USB, WiFi or Cellular communication has to work so data can be backed up to some storage.

That means, it will turn on, and may be used as normal, but we don’t guarantee it will last, and we will tell you it will not last, don’t store any more data on this device.

Ok enough talking, let’s show the job itself and the result.