iPhone 6s Plus disaster recovery from screen replacement

What can go wrong with a screen replacement? What can go worse?
A customer went to a shop for $120 iPhone 6s Plus screen replacement and then later got quoted for $600 logicboard repair.

How did this happen?

Apparently the shop blew a backlight fuse with unprofessional screen replacement process. That’s ok. We see many shops make this kind of mistakes. However this particular shop was trying to repair logic board without knowing how. They stuffed up 10 capacitors and resistors and made them in a pile. So a screen replacement job became a backlight job then became a backlight, display and TouchIC job.

On top of this, the shop apparently used too much heat and CPU shield popped.

Well, a problem a time, fix the piled up capacitors, resistors fuses, ten of them.

Do we have display and backlight?

To the customer, he went to a shop and got a non-working phone.

Behind sense, the logic board was so damaged that not many shops can repair it.

Be careful where you go for screen replacement.

The interesting thing is, here at Hileu.com, at this date, we repair iPhone 6s Plus screens for $60, rather than $120 from the shop who damaged it, and we repair logic board for $120, rather than $600 quoted from the shop who damaged it.