Dealer Discounts

We have been charging the dealers at retail prices last year, we did this we because we believe it was fair to everybody.

As volumes increase, to a point that we believe now dealers with large repair volume should get some sort of discount.

Hang on, how are we and why did the dealers come to us for repair?

We are very experienced in iPhone logic board repairs, if we are not the most experienced service provider, we are the pioneer to research on the latest models of iPhone repairs, including iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

We provide second to none easy warranty process and you are ensured you always have your back covered.

Now, back to the dealers discount, how do you qualify and what sort of discount could you get?

We could do some fancy tiers and category dealers into different discounts, but that is not our way to do business. We want to keep it simple and easy.

If you do 20 and more logic board repairs each week , you could get credit back right into your account.

This is the Pricing for dealers (after credit back)

iPhone 6, 6Plus $100 including GST

iPHone 6s 6s Plus $120 including GST

iPhone 7 7 Plus $170 including GST

iPhone 8 8 Plus $240 including GST

iPhone X $300 including GST


We will automatically credit back the amount based on your previous week’s repair if you do 20 or more logic board repairs with us.

Of course this is for an indication of dealers, not for individuals or shops that stack 2 months worths of work then send it in one go to be qualify.

We will credit back the amount without questions for 4 weeks and then review your volume afterwards, of course we will contact you if your discount status changes.