Why did we stop iPad screen replacement?

When we started the business, it is pretty natural we would do iPad screen replacement as part of Apple repair service.

We had a luxury that we don’t lose customers, because we provide one of the best warranty out here.

Usually when an iPad is smashed, the glass/screen shatters, and the case would often out of shape. We usually would reshape the case for free and put on the replacement screen, and notify the customer take care with the new screen because it is sitting on an uneven surface, which means it would break again.

Of course customers are very understanding about this and pay the sub $100 screen replacement fee and happy.

As time goes by, some of them would come back, they are all in one category, the case was damaged.

So they came back due to one of the following:

  1. Touch screen not functions, due to the uneven casing, wires for digitizer broke.
  2. Screen detached from casing, due to the uneven casing, screen could not be glued to the casing 100%, this leads small gaps and due to the nature of human beings, they have tendency to pull the screen just to see what is inside. The gaps also makes dusts get in and weaken the glue.
  3. Board damage can also happen due to the drop, and damaged casing doesn’t help.

Now, board damage, how would logic board gets damaged? You may ask.

Same as your screen, board can be damaged due to the energy from drop. This is not very obvious as you can’t see it, and it usually would happen sometime after the screen replacement, and you think the screen repairer damaged it somehow.

Usually it is hard to show you the damage as it is usually some capacitor died, some random IC died or some traces are broken, which you can’t tell from a normal picture.

I am showing you two iPad mini boards, sent to us for repairs, because the connector is broken, it is broken due to the pins are shocked off.

Let’s have a closer look


Noticed the missing pins on the bottom left connectors?

Here we put the new connectors.

If your repair shop is still doing iPad screen replacement, good on them.

As Hileu.com, no , sorry, we don’t do iPad screen replacement anymore.