iPhone 5 data recovery- proof of hot air skills

This time we are doing an old iPhone 5 data recovery. It simply won’t show any sign of life. Up on testing it is the charging IC dead

Oh the charging IC. It is right beside CPU.
What does this mean?
As we know, when we apply heat to a certain IC to remove it, heat is not just on that IC only. Heat will spread through the whole board, unevenly.
When there’s too much heat, solder will melt, and move, and there’s s possibility multiple solder balls will stick together and create short right under the IC.

When it comes down to CPU, it’s more complicated as there’s not many people in New Zealand could reball it, and it is an iPhone 5, worth like $100 these days, not really worth any complicated repairs.

A other challenge is the fact this charging ic has under fill, the old hard underfill. What does that mean is apart from battle with the solder you now have one more thing to seperate in order to remove the chip.

Apply decent amount of heat could easily remove the chip, but did I just say we actually can’t do this because cpu is nearby.

Thus, precise control of hot air is the key for this job. Not too much to ruin the cpu and not too little to be able to remove the chip.

In the end all data has been recovered.