iPhone 7 Home button heated up

This time we are repairing a dropped damage iPhone 7, it stuck in a boot loop, which is a common issue on logic board. After fixing the boot loop, we discovered home button would not respond to click, however the finger print still works fine.

Well, the customer could live with the fact she lost click function of home button but the real issue is home button becomes very hot, which means it drains battery really quick.

Oh the home button.

Lets get to work. Upon close inspection, it is the little power supply chip on the button is heating up. The reason is this little chip is chipped after drop damage, notice small piece is missing top right corner of this picture (after taken the chip off).

Put home button on to the work bench, hmm special workbench for home button, because we are specialist.

Remove the chip

and repair damaged under paint using some magical green stuff.

then put the new chip on.

Test it and bye the white dot on screen (virtual home button)