show off, iPhone 6 Plus touch screen not working, flickering grey bar on top…

Yes, it happens again and again.

Time goes by and skills get improved.

Process has been refined. So how would I do a touch IC job now?

  1. chip off, don’t pull any pads.
  2. clean pads, and, don’t pull any pads! 
  3. no pads are missing, I still would like to do a M1 jumper for it, because it creates a high point on the solder pad to ensure a solid connection.Notice how I expose the trace? Yes, I expose the two ends of it and trying to scrap away as little as I could, why? Just to show off. Nah, because you just need to connect two points, there is no point to scrap the whole trace.

4. UV light, make sure it does not touch the top left pad, which is a ground pin. Also notice how small I exposed the pad ? it is how it should be, it is called paint skills 🙂

5. reball the chip, why don’t I replace it? because the chip works just fine, why would you replace it anyway? Plus, I want to show off reballing skills 🙂

6. put chip back on, cool it at fan.

7. the phone was taken apart, all parts were put into a dedicated box, sealed. Now it is time to put it back on.