iPhone 5s current leak (bad battery)

This iphone 5s has really bad battery life.

Replace battery, you say.

Really? I say.

The only way to find out is test.

Verified battery is good. So something on the motherboard is wrong, something is drawing current when it shouldn’t.

From experience…I hate to say that, I hate people judge you by your experience, especially if you are a software developer. 10 years experience means nothing if you don’t know good practice.

Ok, come back to the problem, from experience… it is the charging IC . How did I find it in the first place? Test.


Lets get to work.

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Safety tapes on… irons hot.. (hot pan… oil in…good steak)

webwxgetmsgimg (2)

Let's pick a lucky new guy
Let’s pick a lucky new guy
here you go
here you go


Done, now battery doesn’t have to take the blame when it was “obvious” to someone doesn’t know the truth.